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Sports Wallets - 100% Sport

Our baseball and football wallets look pretty real, don’t they? There’s a good reason for that. Each of our baseball and football sports wallets is professionally made from genuine baseball or football leather. The baseball wallets not only have 108 stitches like a real baseball, but also feature waxed red thread and even break in like a real baseball. Wait, it gets better. We also offer authentic Lena Blackburne rubbing mud for your wallet, the same stuff that MLB umpires use before every game to break in new balls. Cool, huh?

The football wallets are just as authentic and well-made. Constructed from genuine football leather, they come with extruded polymer lace just like real NFL footballs. Our softball wallets are right up there too, with the same number of stitches as a NCAA softball. So whether you’re a sports fanatic or getting a gift for someone who is, our specialty products will get you major-league-sized points. And maybe even a few new fans, who knows.


I ordered the baseball wallet and it was a big hit! Another grandson’s birthday is this weekend and he plays football, so please ship the football wallet I just ordered as soon as possible!
— Susan Ann, 2.7.14
Thank you for my baseball wallet! It just arrived and I love it! Quality craftsmanship, practical design and genuinly a baseball! Great job!
— Michael Bilotti, 11.10.13