History of Genuine Baseball Wallets

How Baseball Wallets All Began

     Pro Style Sports founder Michael Austin

     Pro Style Sports founder Michael Austin

Pro Style Sports began in October 2006, when founder Michael Austin decided to follow his passion for sports and entrepreneurship rather than pursue a career in engineering.  Using the problem solving and design skills he learned in school, Michael created and patented the first baseball wallet made from genuine baseball leather.  

Working at the time as a math and science tutor, Michael invested his savings and free time into growing the company.  

Pro Style Sports' goal is to create the most authentic sports merchandise available today.  We do this by using genuine sports leather, tanned here in the USA, and we design all our products off official sports balls, helping give them their authentic look and feel.  For more information about our design process, click here.

We are based in Redding, CA and run by owner and founder Michael Austin, a lifelong sports fan and athlete.  Pro Style Sports began in October 2006 and was featured in Sports Illustrated that Christmas.