Look Forward to Rubbing Down Another Brand New Baseball Wallet.

Ever since I first started carrying a baseball wallet, people have fawned over it and I've been happy to tell them where I got it, the accurate number of stitches, and that it came with a packet of Lena Blackburne rubbing mud.

Unfortunately, like a ball played with daily in the sandlot, my wallet is showing signs of age and use. The red stitching is wearing off, the leather is cracking, and after four and a half years its time to retire it to the memorabilia case.

I look forward to rubbing down another brand new baseball wallet.

-Brandon; Chatham, IL


The coolest gift ever!

I just received my Father's Day gift in the mail and it is amazing. This is the coolest gift ever! My wife and kids really outdid themselves this year. I can't wait to Mud it.

Thanks so much!

-Jeremy; Burlington, Ontario Canada

Ordering another baseball wallet for Father's Day

Ordered your baseball wallet for our son's birthday last year, he loved it. Again ordering another baseball wallet for my husband for Father's Day this year. The quality of these wallets is awesome my husband is going to flip when he opens his gift and finds his baseball wallet! Thank you for an amazing item and for your hand written note thanking us for our first order. Hand written thank you note, don't find anything like that these days. You are an awesome company with great quality items and I am sure I will be ordering from you time and time again. Thank you so very much.

-Florence; Colorado Springs, CO

If you are a child at heart, you will have a blast getting your hands dirty

I got the baseball wallet for my boyfriend who is an all around sports fan. He was in dire need of a new wallet and I was on the hunt to buy him something unique that he would love. He tends to use things until they are completely destroyed which is why I was so excited when I found this wallet. The durability of the wallet really appealed to me and now I can confidently say that I won't have to go shopping for a new wallet anytime soon. The wallet is absolutely amazing and everyone he shows it to wants one of their own. I would definitely suggest getting the rubbing mud if you're buying the baseball wallet because if you are a child at heart you will a blast getting your hands dirty and spreading mud all over something brand new. This is a great company who makes great products and I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future! Thank you!

-Katherine; Spring Lake Heights, NJ

The football wallet is great...I kind of wanted to throw a spiral with it

I bought the baseball leather wallet for my self as well as the football leather wallet for my Roomate. I wasn't sure if the quality was going to meet my standards since most sports wallets are very cheaply made. I think both wallets are great! I love the baseball leather wallet. The leather on the out side is nice. The stitches feel like a real baseball and the inside leather is soft and thin. I also like the layout.

The football wallet is great too. I'm not using that one but if you like football you'll love it. Looks and feels like a football. I kind of wanted to throw a spiral with it. I will be ordering a back up since I want to have this wallet type for a while. Thanks! Keep it up. 

-Tom; Hawthorne, CA 

The scouts and other players all said how cool it was

I bought a baseball wallet for my son back in his freshman year in college.  We are now on his 4th wallet, and he has received so many compliments about it.  Even when he had his pro try outs, the scouts and other players all said how cool it was.  Great job.

PS: My son bought me the football wallet.  One tip for people getting the football one: laces out, or you will have tread imprinted on your butt.

-Tim; Carmel, NY

The coaches loved them

My wife got me a baseball wallet for Father's Day and everyone asks about it. We ordered five wallets last week to give to our son's baseball coaches.  The wallets arrived just before we left for our final baseball tournament of the year, and the coaches loved them. I'm sure these wallets will generate additional orders. Thank you again.

-Sandy; Ontario, Canada